Established in 2004, Ventures Unlimited is a service centric organization. Our success begins with our ability to apply our relationships, leverage technologies, and identify talent – often in combination – to an endless array of real-world customer needs. Of course, the employees of Ventures Unlimited Inc. and their singular commitment to make life easier and better for our clients around the world make all of this possible.

Today we offer our services across North America and Asia. With us, you can rest assured that your requirement will be met. Our customer base ranges from IT majors, Engineering, Healthcare & Life Sciences and Hi-Tech leaders to Retail/CPG majors. Our ability to deliver and cost-effectiveness have made us trusted partners of our customers.


  • Act with uncompromising honesty and integrity.
  • Satisfy our customers with innovative, superior quality of service.
  • Value and develop our employees’ talents, initiative and leadership.
  • Earn the admiration of all who are associated with Ventures Unlimited Inc.

Our Mission

To serve our customers, employees and shareholders by providing a broad range of IT consulting and staffing services.


Our value proposition is rooted in the belief that success hinges on the quality of the people driving it. We relentlessly focus on providing the best people to lead and support our clients’ initiatives; we help our clients achieve their business targets better, faster and more cost-effectively. Every week, we speak with IT professionals across North America & Asia – this gives us unparalleled insight into the IT workforce. We understand IT professionals career goals and aspirations. This lets our clients receive the most qualified people to plan build and run their IT initiatives.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are a Minority Business and we understand the importance of diversity in our business and the commitment our clients have towards ensuring diversity in their workforce. This commitment to our employees, customers and consultants are two of the core values that have allowed us to provide unparalleled IT staffing and talent management to our customers. We have integrated diversity and inclusion into all aspects of our business and welcome different perspectives that contribute to our culture.

Ventures Unlimited Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.



  • EMSDC – Philadelphia chapter of NMSDC
  • State of New Jersey


  • NJ Department of Transportation
  • SBA SDB Certified


Hiring the best people, ensuring a diverse workforce and supporting the career growth opportunities of our employees are some prerequisites essential to our success as a company. Our talent base has continually expanded to serve the increasingly complex needs of a growing number of clients.

A unique feature of our team has been its deep domain expertise in key vertical industries. These segments span financial services; healthcare and life sciences; manufacturing-logistics and retail, communications, information technology services. Within these industries, we leverage a wide array of frameworks and development methodologies spanning the entire technology stack to quickly and efficiently meet clients’ business needs.

The diversity of our workforce is an important area that we have targeted for focus and improvement. We have identified several affinity groups, which are employee-led associations designed to further their members’ personal and professional development, promote diversity and strengthen networking.

We also are committed to providing our employees with opportunities to build valuable capabilities and successful careers.


Our commitment to our customers, employees and society is to act with integrity always. This guides everything we do—the way we serve our clients and the work we do to help them build better businesses. We believe it is critical to maintain the highest ethical standards. All company employees follow not only those policies set forth by our clients, but also adhere to our Core Business Values


  • In a highly competitive industry, everyone at VUI recognizes that it is our reputation, the behavior of our people and the quality of our work that determines whether customers decide to work with us—and stay with us.
  • At VUI we do not cut corners, bend the rules or look for shortcuts.
  • Whether our employees work in a development center, on-site with our customers, in our corporate office, each one of us recognizes the importance of handling our clients’ systems, confidential information or sensitive intellectual property.
  • We fully believe that a business cannot succeed in business without adhering to the law. Global laws and their implementation can be challenging, but that can never be an excuse to do the wrong thing.