Today, most businesses are challenged to stay in step or ahead of the latest technological trends and competitive developments, while building an agile IT capability to support growth. Having the right people in the right role is essential to achieving and sustaining great outcomes.

Our IT staffing solutions help you secure and optimize the talent businesses need to respond to ever-changing market conditions. We begin our partnership by seeking to understand your business targeted outcomes and the gaps between your current and future state. We then build a workforce staffing strategy to close those gaps with the right people, skills and competencies, when and where you need them.


VUI Staffing Process

Market Knowledge: We know who the top technical professionals are, what they earn, where you can find them and when they’re available. We also understand their priorities and what it takes to recruit and retain them.

Customer Knowledge: We take the time to understand your business and IT culture. Doing so enables us to consultatively assess your service requirements and collaboratively develop solutions to attract top talent.

Sourcing Strategy: By leveraging our network of IT professionals and utilizing a referral-based sourcing strategy, we increase our selectivity, speed and effectiveness in finding top talent to meet your specific needs.

Screening & Selection: We present you with a vetted shortlist of top professionals who match your requirements. All of our candidates are screened through a robust qualification process.

Relationship Management: Our commitment to ongoing contact drives consultant performance and retention through project completion. It also allows us to proactively plan for your upcoming workforce needs.


Change Management

Today companies must be able to manage and support productivity that requires rapid introduction and new business processes and technologies across the enterprise. This involves a workforce has to do much more than “work harder, faster. It must learn new skills and tasks quickly and become comfortable with new technologies and paradigms.

Enterprise Application Services

VUI’s Enterprise Application Services Practice (EAS) proactively assists organizations in their business transformation initiatives. EAS enables your enterprise to manage its value chain across the broad areas of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM).

Product Life Cycle Management

VUI is PLM practice provides Consultants and full time employees or contractors to meet your innovative end-to-end PLM services. Our strong knowledge base in Product Engineering coupled with high quality consultant delivery capability, enables us to provide solutions that help our partners reach the customer faster and at lower costs.